Leap Ahead


The challenge for this campaign was not the ‘how’ or the ‘why’, it was all about the ‘what’. What do we, as the Bank of Cyprus, want to say about ourselves? How do we present ourselves after the “Better every day” slogan which was the corporate slogan of the brand after the economic recession? The challenge therefore was to address the “new normal”, explain how the Bank has made provisions for this new era post Covid and state the Bank’s intention towards the type of relationship it wanted to build with its audiences.  

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Our idea was driven by the strategic pathway for the Bank’s positioning, whereby it evolves around the customer. We, as a Bank, stand confidently by our customers’ side, as The Bank of Cyprus. Sensing their needs and responding accordingly. “Response” in strategy led to motion in creative language.  

We created a manifesto that spoke the truth about the spirit of our campaign and gave a personality to our messages. 

“You are in a constant motion, not just because life pushes you, which it does, but because this is who you are. Full of energy, thirsty for more. Anticipating for your next move. Small or big, it doesn’t matter.
As long as it leads you to new paths. Offer you new experiences and fulfil your goals, no matter where you are in life.
In any case, life cannot wait, it continues today and every tomorrow.
We are moving with it, at her own pace, maybe even a little faster. We search, we discover, we create. Answering your wants. This is how we can be by your side, whenever you need us to support your choices.
Because if you come to think of it… our lives are made by our choices, aren’t they?
Bank of Cyprus. Leap Ahead.

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Apart from creating the next corporate slogan for the Bank of Cyprus, we wanted our campaign to be a lot more than just that. We utilized the dynamic of our slogan as an open invitation not into bridging any gaps between our audiences, but rather into inviting them to explore the possibilities they have when realizing their dreams with us (The Bank of Cyprus). The Bank’s role in this consideration process was to facilitate the way to get there.

The campaign was content-rich. Our main objective was to expand our core idea, create a multiplier effect around the communication, by showcasing people that found themselves in that decisive moment that changed their lives. One of our key ingredients was the local element. Owning and celebrating those decisions and inspiring others to embark on a personal journey of their own.

We kicked off with a teaser campaign which was an outdoor campaign that lasted for 2 weeks, revealing a single word every other day of the week, leading to the full disclosure of our corporate slogan. The teaser build-up was captured on camera, and then released on YouTube via a time-lapse video. Following that, the rest of the campaign assets went Live, beginning with our TVC, our landing page(https://epomenikinisi.cy) and social media content. Of course, what spiced up our communication was the collaboration with two renowned journalists who followed the filming and narrated the experience, by highlighting the main TVC heroes. Additionally, a series of 6 episodes (the “Forward Thinkers” episodes), came to add value to the locality of our peripheral content, by exploring niche market sectors that have positively impacted the Cyprus market (such as the first vegan restaurant owners).

As an after-effect the campaign marks today a high engagement level both on SM, as well as on through our landing asset.

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