Let’s Go Far


American Academy Larnaca is one of the top schools on the east coast of the island with a history of 111 years. The school has been on the top in achievements which meant that communication and marketing wasn’t a priority. As the competition of private education in Cyprus increased, the school acknowledged the need to become more extroverted. To showcase all the achievements of the schools itself, its students and show what life at the Academy is like. Our challenge was to turn the spotlight back on to the American Academy Larnaca in order to reignite the emotional connection with the audience, remind them of who they really are and what it has to offer as a school.

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There was a relatively ‘flat’ perception of the school, its accomplishments and its contribution to students and the local community. It adopted an introverted character, which led to quite a deflated reputation. The idea for this rebranding campaign was a no-brainer once we spent time with teachers, students and the community. This is a school that nurtures talent. It creates and inspires future scholars, preparing them for more opportunities. It’s evident that AAL’s success is based on a higher model of not merely teaching, but cultivating. The AAL approach to education cultivates empowered students, giving them the best springboard in life, enabling them to attain their goals and dreams. Therefore, we created a new contemporary image for the school, sharing high quality content that would build a more meaningful conversation with our audience in order to induce desire for private education at the American Academy Larnaca. ‘LET’S GO FAR’  came from ‘motivating the action together, beyond limitations and fixed goals’.

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We promoted the new image of the school through outdoor, radio, digital and PR activations and focused heavily on geographical parameters due to the school’s location. Digitally, we created content that communicates school values and beliefs, and a video which showcases the energy of the school and the experience for students. We also created a video ad especially for Cinema advertising in the Larnaca movie theatre. The goal was to target our audience with content that inspires them and invites students to embrace to unforgettable experiences, at a place that advocates more than academic achievements, but provides a holistic approach to education.

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