Loan Series

In 2013-2014, Cyprus went through an economic crisis with the Bank of Cyprus at the centre of negative attention, as a bank deposit levy was imposed on approximately 48% of uninsured deposit. Trust was being lost and the bank needed to gain back the respect of the consumer.

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The main challenge was to implement the Banks’ new strategy into a communication umbrella campaign for specific retail products. Car loan, House loan, Small business loan, etc. The three main strategy pillars, caring-enabling-strong, were used to build on our campaign, focusing mainly on the characteristic of ‘enabler’. Additional parameters were also agreed: the core aim was emotional engagement not information / the customer is the true hero / clear and simple messages / transparency and honesty / memorability / relevant with our target group.

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Our communication strategy was that we no longer speak about the bank, nor the bank’s effort in regaining power & position. We now shift the focus on the customer and his dreams. What are they and why are they important to him/her?

We answered these questions with a series of TV, print, radio and digital campaigns each one focusing on a specific product but all based on a universal truth. That when you really want something, it’s always on your mind, triggered with the slightest spark. A new car, a new house, your own business! The main message/slogan projects exactly that. “Thinking about a car? Let’s talk!”, “Thinking about a house? Let’s talk!” straightforward and inviting at the same time.

These commercials portray authentic characters, everyday people in everyday situations that “lose” themselves in their dreams ignited by something totally irrelevant – an ordinary every day moment in their lives.

Print and digital also follow the same concept but with different visuals that expand and at the same time explain the main idea.

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The campaign has been running for a year promoting various products under the same concept and has been received extremely positively, bring the Bank of Cyprus back at top of mind, with a fresh and modern feel, making it relevant to today’s consumer.

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