Loans Series II


Given the huge success of last years’ loan series, we knew that we had to keep the momentum of what we had created and developed, something that would have an even bigger impact on our target audience. The challenge was persuading consumers to move on from thinking about applying for a loan, to empowering them to actually do it. From the planning row to the living row. The current “Let’s talk” invitational sign off would be dropped, and so we needed a new statement that would have as much of an impact in order to drive the desired results.

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Strategically speaking, we decided that for this year’s communication, we wanted to convey the message that it’s time for the consumer to act. The time to think about what they wanted or needed is over and now is the time to start their journey to get it.

The idea was based on the fact that when you buy a new house, a new car or have just started your own business, you view the world in a much more pleasant way. Life is filled with joy and happy/positive emotions. We wanted our audience to really feel the happiness and the full extent of emotions of those that have created their new reality. These emotions were communicated through TVC series, radio ads, print ads, web banners, social media animated post and boomerangs.

The feeling of owning something was further enhanced with the campaign slogan “My house/ my car/ my business” and the TVC’s were sound dressed with a themed jingle.

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The campaign managed to create a more fresh and approachable image for the bank and improved its image amongst our target group – the millennials. Through our digital placements, we have managed to create high levels of engagement and awareness and to direct consumers to the Bank Of Cyprus’s website where they can get more information regarding the types of loans available for a better informed decision based on their individual needs.

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