Eureka Massalias is a liquid detergent with pure Marseille soap.  Well known as a product offering in Cyprus for cleaning clothes effectively, even at low temperatures, either by machine or hand wash but also famous for caring and protecting clothes. The challenge was to showcase the product via a relevant TVC spot within a tight budget not only to Cyprus viewers but also to newer audience in Greece.


The repetitive call: “Mum! Mom! Ma! Mama!” Is a universal sound experienced by everyone. Utilising this insight we created a TVC scenario with a singular message: For every “Mama!” that you will hear again and again, Eureka Massalias is there for you to help care for your family. The scenario cleverly used a fixed camera and single plan composition to build the story and engage with our annoyingly lovable hero.


The TVC created showed in a straightforward way, that for any stain for every moment Eureka Massalias is there to care and protect not only your clothes but your loved ones.

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