Mr. Brown Comes to Life


Mr. Brown is not just another coffee. It is a well-known brand with an identity of its own, which we have created and have been communicating to the public for years, as a symbol of friendliness, optimism, joy and confidence. In 2020, we wanted to differentiate the communication of the brand and to delve deeper into the market, to continue to be part of the consumers’ daily life and gain their trust, offering them moments of joy and indulgence.

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Coffee is what accompanies us through the day, it is part of our daily life. This year, our campaign features Mr. Brown as the one who changes all our daily simple habits, into favorite ones. In an attempt to get even closer to the audience, Mr. Brown is transformed from 2D to 3D for the first time. This year, we give life to Mr. Brown and he becomes one of us, a pal during the good times, a part of our life.

It attracts different audiences with varied habits and lifestyles at different times of the day. Keeping the slogan “authentic habits” used in the previous years, we continue to communicate the authenticity of the coffee and the brand.

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In 2020, Mr. Brown appeared to the public in a fresher and more modern way in 3D, going through television and outdoors as part of a communication strategy addressed to a younger audience. The message was also supported via social media from the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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