My Doll Story


In a society with intense charitable activity and with storming action by a large number of charities, we took the challenge to promote the work of Sophia Foundation for Children and to mark it as one of the most important foundations in Cyprus. Our team, being a timeless supporter of the Sofia Foundation for Children, has set the challenge of increasing substantially the financial support of the Foundation and upgrading its image, through a game changing idea!


270 personalities from the artistic, cultural and business circles of Cyprus and Greece, were asked to create, transform and give life to 270 dolls – made by Kenyan moms, in order to create their own personal doll.  All the created dolls were presented and sold at a never-before made like exhibition, with the ultimate goal of supporting the needs of Sophia Foundation for Children.

In order to achieve the ultimate goals that we had originally set, we had to use all of our traditional and non-traditional means alongside with our energetic spirit. Our 360 campaign consisted of ATL promotion, such as TV / Radio / Print, PR promotion such as event management / fund raising & celebrity endorsement and Online promotion through self-generated content / organic growth through social media / native content and online teasers.


All activity mentioned above, created buzz, interest and participation for more than two months prior to the event and one month after its completion. The event, “Create Your Own Fairy Tale”, became the talk of the town and the most trending topic on social media. The effectiveness of the campaign was indicated by the high volume of traffic during the doll exhibition/auctioning event. Various personalities from different fields attended and contributed to the event, which resulted in raising more than €50,000 for the Sophia Foundation for Children.

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