Personal Loan

Promoting a personal loan can be tricky. It’s not a product that can be ‘picked up’ easily and carelessly by a consumer. What you ultimately want to do is trigger an existing need. Design a campaign that focuses on insights of our target audience and perfectly suits their habits, beliefs and media behaviour. A campaign that will give those already considering a personal loan, to take the step towards applying for it.

So we combined the TV world with the digital world. Using 2 protagonists from one of the most popular TV series on national TV, we created an online video where in their roles as a couple, each one makes his/her case in regards to what they will use the loan for. A smart TV or a trip to Paris? We then ask the viewer to vote who they think should get the personal loan based on how they plan to use it. A digital competition that encouraged consumer engagement, for the opportunity to win a significant cash amount towards their own personal loan.

This solely digital campaign ran on the most popular social media platforms, including stories and animated and video banners, and marked a very fresh approach compared to what the bank had been used to. It showcased that Bank of Cyprus is an organisation that stays close to its audience, remains relevant and listens to the needs of its clients.

The campaign/competition created a number of interaction moments with the brand, a large number of participations and more importantly, presented the bank in a fresh and friendly light.

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