Proud Supporter of You


The challenge for this new image CSR campaign was to uplift OPAP CSR image, and redefine the communication strategy. Having in mind OPAP’s 5 CSR pillars – Sports, Health, Education, Culture and Environment – we wanted to focus on the heart of those 5 pillars. Everything starts from the human being and this is what inspires the action of the organization for the last 50 years. In terms of communication, the word “anthropocentric” has been heard many times, however, we wanted every single person to believe in this and get inspired to continue.

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Inspired by the 5 CSR pillars, we paralleled them with China’s Five Elements Philosophy — Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. We turn the light on YOU and we tell you that YOU are the core of the change, who inspires organization’s actions and the need to give back to the 5 pillars we support – The Cycle of 5 elements.


“It was you that taught us what has real value.

That culture paves the way, sending us messages. You have taught us that education means the mind going beyond what meets the eye. That, as in sports, it’s the effort that draws our course. Health is the most precious good. You have taught us to safeguard it with all the power of our will. That nature offers us its greatness openhandedly. And we shall spread our own hand to its protection.

It was you that taught us what has real value. And that, is you.”

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In order to convey our campaign’s new message and to attract our multiple target audiences, a 360˚ campaign was developed utilizing the power of various platforms. We created a breathtaking TV ad, crafting imagery with inspirational ethical values. The new slogan of the campaign “Proud supporter of You” was applied in different platforms, in order to alter people’s scope on life itself, as well as their personal long-term goals. In the difficult times of coronavirus period, our message was easier to be communicated to people, giving them the support to continue achieving their goals. With the power of social media, we also achieved to target the youngest generation, since the organization supports their ability to make the change.

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