For Real

The Challenge

Mr. Brown is a well-known brand with an identity of its own, which we have created and have been communicating to the public for years. It has become a symbol of friendliness, optimism, joy and confidence. In 2022, we wanted to continue being relevant and by our community’s side, so we decided to go with the classic Cypriot phrase «Που τα’ αλήθκεια» (“For real”). To continue to be part of the consumers’ daily life and gain their trust, offering them moments of joy and indulgence, Mr. Brown decided to bring the whole community back together by using a single (everyday) phrase.

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The Idea

This year, our campaign features Mr. Brown as a cowboy through a TVC commercial, ready to face anything that comes his way. In an attempt to get even closer to the audience, Mr. Brown created an online competition/game with 3 amazing gifts for 3 “lucky” participants.
• Smartphone Samsung S21+
• Drone DJI Mavic Mini 2 Fly More Combo
• Portable Speaker JBL Flip 5 Waterproof

By adding the phrase «Που τα’ αλήθκεια» (“For real”), we continue to communicate the authenticity of the coffee and the brand, speaking our “peoples’ language”. It attracts different audiences with varied habits and lifestyles at different times of the day.

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The Result

This was communicated through television and an online competition, as part of a strategy to address a younger audience. The message «Που τα’αλήθκεια» (“For real”) was also supported via social media from the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Overall results:
Records: 5,010

Unique for May: 4,617
Visits for May: 6,472
Unique for June: 1,473
Visits for June: 1,702

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