Remove "What if"


Further to creating a new annual campaign there were two added challenges; being a new addition to the Partners family meant that it was the first time working with this brand and secondly, we needed to incorporate General Insurance’s newly redesigned logo and communicate their new brand promise. As a leading insurance company in Cyprus, General Insurance as a brand was open to a humour-based approach regarding their advertising campaigns and so we decided to have some fun ourselves.


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As always, the best ideas are based on human truths as they connect with all audiences, not merely on trends or fashion, but on the human experience, which is a powerful pathway to communicate. Our idea showcased how the human mind grossly internalises the fear of the unknown. The mind begins to create scenarios of the near future which is over exaggerated to say the least. The ‘what if?’ as a premise gave us the perfect universal truth to build our campaign on and enabled us to use hyperbole and humour throughout our approach and across varied touchpoints.

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In a light-hearted and memorable way, our new slogan and concept showed how General Insurance can put all our fears to rest by having their customers covered.

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