Stay Connected


Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the way we live our lives. Our routine is not what it used to be. CYTA, the major telecom provider in Cyprus, wanted to show the public that even during these difficult times, the brand is present, offering solutions and encouraging connectedness. The challenge for any brand at this time, is to communicate in a way that is sensitive to the reality of today, while inspiring hope and positivity.



We wanted to communicate in a way that the audience could relate. Where communication plays an even more important role in their lives than before and that CYTA is the literal solution provider to the difficulties during this pandemic. Each channel was approached differently.    

For TV, we prepared three different commercials in three different locations to showcase coverage of the CYTA network and connectedness across the island. The ad showed the many ways people are staying connected, either by calling their family, sending messages to friends, watching TV as a family and more.    

The campaign also saw the creation of two landing pages on the CYTA website. One focusing on CYTA’s contribution to society and its customers while the second one was created for the benefit of CYTA Business and communicates the services it offers to its corporate customers.    

The whole campaign was enhanced with Digital media both in the form of web banners and social media.  



CYTA has been praised for the way it has handled communication in the midst of a pandemic, as it focused on what really matter. That CYTA is here to bring everyone closer.

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