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The challenge was to speak to three different age groups, to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and their parents. We wanted to catch their attention in an already information- over populated space (the internet), but also to communicate the values of trust and security, especially to the parents.

We had to factor in that this was a communication campaign that would air after a tumultuous post pandemic year where normal life had been turned upside down.

These were factors that we had to take into consideration and speak to our audience with the transparency they deserve.


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We were inspired by all the real content creators we see on our mobile screens and their raw authenticity. We reached out to a ‘real’ girl, living and studying abroad and we asked if we could borrow her own content to communicate our message. We connected to our audience by showing them real photos of an everyday student, living real moments with her friends, and experiencing her university years abroad. This allowed our younger audience to genuinely relate and see themselves in everything our ‘ambassador’ was doing and experiencing, giving them an authentic sense of what it’s like to be a student abroad, while parents get a glimpse into their children’s world and what this could be like. Influencing them in a way, by showing them slices of ‘real’ life.

Our slogan was just one word:Θέλω’ (I want to), urging them to grab their own wants and to pursue their dreams and plans for the future.

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The outcome was authentic and experiential. We created a multitude of content that we then sprinkled all over the internet, from Instagram stories to YouTube pre roll ads and short videos on Facebook. The campaign received added exposure as friends of our protagonist organically shared the content.

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