Together from the start


Cyta Business is the partner businesses and entrepreneurs need to support them in their daily operations as well as their growth plans. The main goal of this campaign was to showcase the specialization, expertise and dynamic personality of Cyta as a leader in the sector of telecommunications and speak to the Businessman of today. 

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The idea came from the word ‘partnership’. We wanted to develop the relationship between the Businessman and Cyta business. Due to the covid-19 situation, Businessmen face multiple challenges in their companies. We as Cyta, tapped into our role as leaders and focused on showing this specific audience that we care about them, their businesses and their struggles. We are the partners who understand them and support them in creating and capitilising on the opportunities ahead. Through sharing knowledge and ideas, Cyta Business offers solutions to upgrade the communication of their business. Services and innovative solutions that help them proceed with confidence towards the next steps of the new digital age. ‘Cyta Business. Together from the start’.

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We chose to promote this idea with the use of an icon element, the triangle. The triangle shape signifies success, perspective and the relationship between Cyta with businesses. 

The campaign was developed with the connected brand approach, with communication touch points across the communication journey of the business audience. This included TV, radio, social media campaign, digital marketing, a landing page and creative media.

Two TV spots were produced, the one building on the other for a truly connected experience. Starting with an image spot of the new Cyta Business to set the scene, before airing the second spot which focused on specific products and services that can hep business owners to change their game.

The role of Cyta Business in these challenging and changing times for businesses, was further communicated through a specifically designed landing page on the existing Cyta Business website, a digital campaign which included web banners and social media posts, all reinforcing the message that Cyta Business is by the Businessman’s side.

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