Your Luck is Calling


Joker is a betting draw game that gives away millions of euros to many winners in Cyprus and Greece. It’s a very well established lucky draw game in Cyprus, with thousands of people playing weekly in the hope to win the jackpot and make their dreams come true. The successful slogan of the game «Το πες. Το’ παιξες» in Cyprus, is the one that made the game one of the most popular ones in  the market. But it was time for a refresh. We wanted to inject even more humour in the brand’s communication. The challenge was to create a new image communication campaign with a new slogan in order to attract the consumers’ interest and give them hope that  winning the Jackpot is possible! 

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Inspired by the fun character of the game and the enthusiasm it generates for the people, we created a story where our main character experiences something rather strange. He feels that every single day, luck is calling. With a clever use of the jackpot prize zeros linked to the millions the draw gives away, from Τζόκερ to Τζό.οοοο.οοοο.κερ., we used this as our key inspiration, adjusting it to the names of people that luck is calling to.

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The campaign managed to create a fresh and personal story for the public, as we wanted to call each one of them and remind them that luck is calling you every day. We created a full 360 campaign with TV ads, radio ads and the new slogan of the campaign “Your Luck is Calling” was applied in various platforms, increasing the personalisation level and creating engagement while giving people the hope and excitement of winning the lottery. 

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