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Further to creating a new annual campaign there was the added challenge of incorporating Eurolife’s newly redesigned logo and communicating their brand promise. The isolation effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, came to see many companies shift from an image based approach towards a desire to reach out and embrace their consumers in a most authentic and humanist way. At a time when the world has been turned inside-out, its vital to know that you always have someone with your best interests at heart, a real person who cares for their clients; that is the exact profile of Eurolife’s insurance agents and what differentiates them as a team.

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Insights from the pandemic led us to a clear strategic pathway; that we needed to restore hope. We stood upon the brand vision that we should look at life in a fresh way and so we did the same. Our idea showcased Eurolife insurance agents as real people, giving a face to the company; a team of varied personalities; that at Eurolife we have real people whose focus is on you. Moving from a consumer-centric towards a human-centric approach was key in communicating the promise that at Eurolife there is always someone for you.


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In order to convey our campaign’s new message, a 360˚campaign was developed utilizing the power of various platforms. We created ads for TV, outdoor, radio, a variety of social media content and web banners. This campaign successfully established a stronger connection between Eurolife and its clients, instilling hope and tapping into the human need for connection.

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