František Mareš for Médiář: Even on the energy market, the most valuable commodity is the brand

Frantisek Mares

Brands, their values and approaches cannot be built in three months in a quick reaction to unpredictable events, they must be built over the long term. That's why the collision with the new reality on the energy market was rough (not only) for marketers, writes František Mareš, Account Director of the Advertising team, for Médiář.cz.

The brand always comes first. Its strength, what it says, and if it behaves accordingly, in crisis and non-crisis. In his article, František Mareš discusses the impact of the energy crisis on the marketing and communication of brands in this sector. He shows how communication in the commodities market has changed in the wake of the collapse of Bohemia Energy and the war in Ukraine, which affected the energy market like a bolt from the blue.

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