Iva Welker for AkčníŽeny.cz: Creative thinking also means not giving up.

Iva Welker for Equal Pay Day

In her interview with Akčníženy.cz, Iva Welker, Managing Director of VMLY&R follows up on the Equal Pay Day conference which took place in late March this year, and again brings up the topic of equal opportunities for men and women and balancing career and parenthood.

In the interview, Iva explains what she thinks is essential for women to build their careers, reach their goals and fulfil their dreams. Using examples from her personal experience, she explains why it’s important to build a personal brand, to communicate openly and to let your family and colleagues know what you’re about. She also recalls having to juggle career and motherhood with her two daughters and explains how she used these experiences in her mentorship at Equal Pay Day.

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