Michal Synek for Médiář: Digital marketing relies on a new approach to rewarding customer loyalty

"For a few years I was part of Nike's brand marketing in Berlin, where I prepared customers for the changes that came with digitalization of the German market. For large countries like Germany, digitalization is a tough nut to crack. Eighty million people take longer to get used to new things, but the impact that such a market subsequently has on countries the size of the Czech Republic or Hungary is even more significant," writes Michal Synek, Digital Director at VMLY&R, for Médiář

Inspiration for the German fashion retail comes from small countries like the Czech Republic, where the business environment favors new ideas and there’s also the opportunity to test them in a smaller market. In his article, Michal Synek compares approaches to digitalization in Czech and German environment and shares insights on how to build digital marketing in retail. He also reflects on how the pandemic has contributed to the digitalization of marketing channels or how to combine the customer experience in a physical store with that in an online environment.

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