Miloš Kočí's review of Cannes: Brands in the Czech Republic lack overlap

The meteoric rise of AI has sent most Czech brands into a panic. But if there is one thing they should be afraid of, it’s falling into an ever-growing number of brands that are indistinguishable from one another, writes Miloš Kočí, creative director of VMLY&R, in his commentary for Médiář.cz.

One of the most discussed challenges at this year's seventieth Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity was the decline in brand awareness. Young people today choose who to give their money to based on the intersection of value systems. But if brands lack such a value system, they have virtually nothing to offer. Using the Dove and AB InBev brands as examples, he shows how Marcel Marcondes, Conny Braams and Alesandre Manfredi, who openly share their expertise in building successful businesses, work with brands across their portfolios to differentiate them. Uniqueness, says Milos, is what brands in the Czech Republic still lack.

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