Sport as a drill? Generation Z is changing the definition of exercise and seeing it differently, adidas survey shows


Generation Z is not only defined by social media, technology, mental health issues or an interest in sustainability. It also differs from previous generations in its relationship with sport. Research conducted for adidas by VMLY&R shows that sport is all about experience, fun and mental relaxation. They do not want to compete for the best performance and are not interested in the results of others. The ability to adapt their pace to their own capabilities and the absence of benchmarking against others is the reason why 39% of Generation Z prefer to exercise alone.

The survey focused on the relationship of Generation Z to sport and health in general was created as part of the creation of a new communication strategy for the adidas Runners Prague running community, prepared by VMLY&R, which aims to make both the project and the adidas brand more accessible to the youngest generation.
"Sport no longer exists for Generation Z. That is, in the form in which we have known it so far. For Generation Z, it represents something much more open and varied, something we can't pigeonhole into simple categories of "is" and "isn't". It has turned into something that everyone can project their own values and attitudes into, and thus shape themselves. If (not only) sports brands understand this fact, they will get a little bit closer to this very interesting target group. Purely physical activity has long since become obsolete," explains Tomáš Sýkora, Head of Strategy at VMLY&R. 

You can read more about the survey results here.

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