"Strong, tough, useful." VMLY&R wins Reklamí katovna, a competition by Mediář, with its campaign for Amnesty

VMLY&R's advertising spot for the Czech branch of human rights movement Amnesty International has received this year's highest rating (78%) in competition Reklamní katovna.

The campaign shows that even an ordinary letter can mean a way out of prison. Using a chilling spot set in a harsh prison environment, Amnesty is trying to get as many volunteers as possible for the world's largest human rights event, the Letter Writing Marathon, which helps political prisoners and others unjustly imprisoned.

How did the ad executioners rate the campaign?

"Nothing needs to be said here, just applauded," says Marek Nieslanik (Fairy Tailors)

"Strong, impressive. I think I'm going to write a letter," says Iva Hadj Moussa (McShakespere) about the campaign.

"It's perfect. The letters gave me chills. A clear winner for me this week, month, maybe even year!" Reviewed by Jakub Hussar (Haze)

All the reviews and more information about the campaign can be found here.

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