The sweet sound of success in 2019

confiscated toys

After seven long years, 2019 was the first year we did not bring home a Cannes Lion. Even so we managed to achieve a number of local and global successes.
Festival awards are a welcome icing on the cake for creatives, and that is why we're always pleased when our campaigns not only convert into excellent sales results, but also prestigious prizes.  
Despite the fact that our submitted works did not manage to win a Cannes Lion this time around, the total of nine shortlists was once again by far the best result among Czech agencies. We achieved them for campaigns for Post Bellum (National History Archive) and People in Need and considering that only about the best 10 % of pieces in a category make the shortlist, even that is a great success.

Post Bellum – Breaking the Silence

The television and radio ads for Post Bellum celebrate the courage of those who managed to remain silent at important moments, whether it was under the pressure of the Nazis or the Communists. Now however it is time for them to speak out about their stories and thus pass on their legacy to further generations thanks to the foundation. 
Aside from eight shortlists at Cannes, it also brought home a precious silver from the Golden Drum festival for the category Film, followed by a gold from the Epica Awards. The most important result however was that funding was once again successfully obtained for recording the memories of veterans.

People in Need – Confiscated Toys

Every tenth inhabitant of the Czech Republic faces execution. Unfortunately, this also includes over 4 000 children. Few people know about this however. So, we tried to change this in our campaign for People in Need, as well as subsequently the laws that make heavily indebted children possible. 
The Cannes jury rewarded this with a place on the shortlist for the category PR, while on the local scene the campaign swept the Flema Media Awards, winning two golds in its categories plus the overall Grand Prix, which was also followed by a bronze at the Effie Awards. 

Taking a preliminary look back at 2019 then, we see behind us plenty of work that we can once again be rightly proud of.