Tereza Kovandová and Martina Kalusová at Cannes Lions 2022

After winning the local Young Lions round in the PR category, the duo Tereza Kovandová and Martina Kalusová visited the Cannes festival and wrote their observations for MAM.cz directly on the spot.

At the beginning of her report Tereza Kovandová, Social Media Manager at VMLY&R, writes: At Monday's Nike There Is No Finish Line lecture, Jonathan Johnsongriffin said: "The moment you start dreaming, you start believing." I would affirm that statement and add, "The moment you start believing, your dreams start coming true." How else do you explain that I found myself at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity? 

In the local round of the Young Lions 2022 competition for young creatives, Tereza Kovandová (VMLY&R) and Martina Kalusová (Ogilvy) took first place in the PR category with their communication proposal for Ergo Aktiv, a company focused on filling job vacancies with people who have had a stroke.
After a great success, the duo participated in the global round, where they created a campaign proposal for UNESCO supporting the fight against racism.
From Cannes, Tereza brought back inspiration, countless experiences, and new contacts. You can read about the festival as seen through her eyes in her report.

Focus on trends
VR. AR. Metaverse. NFT. Gaming. And last but not least, Gen Z. These are all terms that are increasingly appearing in our vocabularies, even though we may not be familiar with them. And they are topics that will move from our dictionaries into our everyday lives. That is why these themes appear throughout the programme. Even with names you probably wouldn't expect. Did you know that Paris Hilton is an undercover nerd? That she has her own world in Roblox? That she sold $1.11 million worth of NFTs? Did you know that Web 3.0 is about building communities, and so it's time to turn your audience into just that?

Networking starts onboard 

It's not just any young lion that I'd encourage to not be afraid to step out of their comfort zone and spend some time at the festival itself. As well as becoming the master of their own time and program, it will open up a space for them to meet new people from the industry. Social networking is what this year's Cannes Lions Festival is all about. All the young Lions and Lionesses who participated in the global round were given the opportunity to experience an evening together on a cruise ship. And so, I met teams from Croatia, Costa Rica, Turkey, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Japan at the same table. And if there was one thing we agreed on 100% as agency employees? Filling out timesheets is a drag for everyone.

Finding a new perspective
In the festival palace and at the accompanying programs around it, you will encounter an incredible amount of information every day. While you're discovering TikTok, Meta is trying to sell you Reels a few meters away and Reddit is tempting you to discover their chilled rosé platform. If you stop for a moment and stop focusing on getting to Spotify Beach to catch a glimpse of a piece of Dua Lipa, you might find a nice little nook far from Boulevard de la Croisette.
I had the opportunity to be among the first marketers to see the short documentary "Kill Your Darlings" at The Contagious Villa. It talks about a lot of things, primarily the issues of a young creative director, but my purpose here is not to mention the content. I will, however, share with you the main takeaway – if you don't feel comfortable in your position, you're probably just not in the right place. And I am.

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Tereza Kovandová a Martina Kalusová na Cannes Lions 2022

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