VMLY&R agency takes over communication for OC Šestka

In March, the Šestka Shopping Centre started cooperation with the creative agency VMLY&R. The agency won the tender for the provision of social media communication, public relations and event management services. The main goal of the long-term cooperation which officially started on 1st March is to increase the number of visitors to the centre, mainly through social media communication and events organised in the shopping centre.

"We chose VMLY&R in the selection process mainly on the basis of their proposal for a creative concept, which we believe has the greatest potential to take communication in a new direction and attract new customers to the centre," says Lenka Šátková, Marketing Manager of OC Šestka.

The cooperation will focus on social media management, including the development of a creative concept and communication strategy, PR and event preparation. "We want to promote OC Šestka as a place that combines shopping, entertainment, relaxation and leisure activities. Customers will find a unique Gymstory fitness centre with state-of-the-art equipment, a running track, an indoor cycling hall and a track for training, for example, for the Spartan Race. We also regularly decorate the mall with artwork. For example, we are currently hosting an exhibition of paintings by artist Pasta Oner in our Sky Gallery Six. This will also be one of the first themes that the new agency will communicate," adds Michaela Němcová, Centre Manager of OC Šestka.

On behalf of the agency, the cooperation will mainly involve the digital team led by Michal Synek, who joined VMLY&R last year as digital director, and the experiential team which covers the areas of activation marketing and event management.

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