VMLY&R to partner with the Equal Pay Day 2023 conference

VMLY&R is one of the partners of this year's Equal Pay Day, dubbed "Being Seen and Heard." The agency created the visual identity for the event.

On Friday, March 31, Iva Welker, managing director at VMLY&R Prague, will speak at the conference, which draws attention to the persistent gender pay gap. Her speech will focus on how to build a successful career in advertising; balance motherhood and career; and build your personal brand inside your company and in the work market.

Iva will also share her life and career story and disclose how she is involved in supporting women from her position at the agency. Iva leads the Open Opportunities Working Group, which works across WPP agencies to build an open and transparent culture. The group actively addresses issues such as career and mentoring — and advocates for acceptable and equal conditions when returning to work from parental leave.

Iva is an active supporter of the professional and personal development of women. She and Zuzana André Talán, group account director at VMLY&R Prague, will participate in a speed mentoring session on Saturday.

Find out more about Equal Pay Day here. For more details about Iva Welker, see the event website.

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