VMLY&R welcomed students from the Business Academy in Choceň

V pátek 24. června navštívila agenturu VMLY&R v doprovodu dvou paní učitelek skupina studentů třetího ročníku Obchodní akademie v Chocni.

On Friday, June 24th, a group of 3rd year students from the Business Academy in Choceň visited VMLY&R. Miloš Kočí, the creative director, introduced the agency and its work and he also explained what life in an advertising agency looks like. Together they also took a tour of the historic building of the WPP Campus where the agency is located and finished the busy morning with lunch on the terrace.

The morning also included a workshop in which students worked in groups to try their hand at creating a campaign for a fictional product (e.g., a chilli flavour yoghurt, an autonomous buggy). Miloš evaluated their work positively: "The individual groups presented their ideas to the others, and I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised by their creativity and ability to present."

The students enjoyed their day at VMLY&R, as evidenced by their interest in joining the agency for a temp job this summer, and the kind message from the teacher: "Great day, Milos! It was cool, yet it gave us all a lot and every single one of us left very happy! Thank you for the five-star reception and for the gifts."

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