Even our own team is built on the right connections.

At VMLY&R, the best creatives, commerce experts, customer experience specialists and professionals from across all marketing disciplines come together. These highly efficient connections are the inspiration for our exceptional approach to work as well as our results. 

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Náš tým
  • Ondřej Obluk

    Ondřej Obluk

    Business Title
  • Iva Welker

    Iva Welker 

    Business Title
    Managing Director
  • Miloš Kočí

    Miloš Kočí

    Business Title
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Tomáš Sýkora

    Tomáš Sýkora

    Business Title
    Head of Strategy
  • Barbora Šumanská

    Barbora Šumanská

    Business Title
    Social Director
  • Tomáš Novotný

    Tomáš Novotný

    Business Title
    Executive Creative Director, Blue Team
  • Julia Dovlatova

    Julia Dovlatova

    Business Title
    Executive Creative Director
  • Jakub Hereš

    Jakub Hereš

    Business Title
    Group Account Director, Blue Team
  • Zuzana André Talán

    Zuzana André Talán

    Business Title
    Group Account Director, Ruby Team
  • František Mares Profile photo

    František Mareš

    Business Title
    Account Director, Advertising Team
  • Tomáš Coufal

    Tomáš Coufal

    Business Title
    Account Director, Sport & Experiential Team
  • Milan Hruby Profil photo

    Milan Hrubý

    Business Title
    Account Director, Blue Team
  • Michal Synek

    Michal Synek

    Business Title
    Digital Director
  • Patricie Jelínková

    Patricie Jelínková

    Business Title
    Account Director, Commerce Team
  • Štěpán Kouba

    Štěpán Kouba

    Business Title
    Creative Director, Commerce Team