Štěpán Kouba

Štěpán initially worked at VMLY&R for clients Pilsner Urquell and Česká spořitelna and now leads the Kaufland creative team. He has been expressing himself creatively since primary school – his creations often got Štěpán's parents on the classroom carpet. Through writing articles about music and websites, he eventually found his way to an advertising agency, where his greatest school was working for McDonald's.

He's picked up a few statuettes along the way but doesn't look back much on his past achievements. He is, however, proud of his gold campaign, Povědomá (“Familiar”). It proves that with a good idea, even an ad featuring famous adult film actresses can be a huge success.

In his spare time, he's a dad, a traveler seeking interesting beers from around the world and a cowboy in a country band.

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  • Štěpán Kouba
Creative Director, Commerce Team