Milan Hrubý

Under Milan’s leadership, the team works for the client Česká spořitelna, for which it mainly prepares above-the-line and digital communication. With more than 14 years of experience in advertising, Milan has also worked in the areas of below-the-line and content marketing, online and offline campaigns, and management of regional communication for major brands such as LEGO, Tesco and Snickers. Together with his teams, he has won several Effie and Louskáček awards, while also receiving recognition in the Internet Effectiveness Awards.

Milan likes challenges, mainly because they always bring something new and force him to get out of his comfort zone in order to find win-win solutions for all parties. And the good feeling he gets when he solves them is priceless. Together with setting expectations and building relationships, that is his greatest strength.

He likes to spice up his daily (not just work) life with humor tinged with a dash of irony and sarcasm. He enjoys psychology and is fascinated particularly by the Dunning-Kruger effect, which is worth examining more closely in both theory and practice. In his free time, he persistently fails in his efforts to train his dog. He then regains his lost self-confidence by playing futsal, which he has been doing for 18 years.

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Account Director, Blue Team