Miroslav Pomikal

Miroslav Pomikal has already experienced 5 logo rebrandings as well as a name change at the company. He points out that this is why our presentations include a slide on how to read our name properly and a recommendation for clients that they can still call us "the Youngs". Although many things are changing, he trusts that the important thing remains – good ideas decide. For him, looking for ideas is like panning for gold and even after 20 years this gold fever has not left him. Although, based on his own words and his hair, it might be silver fever. We will soon be moving from a dairy plant in Smíchov to the former Electric Company building. Aside from the coffee machines and receptionist Mireček, he says we will also be taking with us the inimitable spirit of Young expressed years ago by the slogan "Magic based on logic". And that is why he remains faithful to the agency and does not age creatively.

  • foto, Miroslav Pomikal
Creative Director