Zuzana André Talán

The team led by Zuzana takes care of a client from the tobacco industry, which includes a total of ten brands operating in fifteen European markets. Its domain is retail marketing and customer experience. A key part is the effective connection of retail with the digital environment, so that the result is consistent and well-recognizable brand communication for the customer. Zuzana is at home in the field of communication in regulated industries. As she says, she enjoys turning complex problems into simple solutions that make sense to everyone.

She lived in France for thirteen years, eight of which worked in Paris in the field of international retail marketing. She draws from this experience to this day. She does not deny a mix of cultures – her Czech, Slovak, French, Spanish and Mozambican roots together form an unmistakable and spirited personality. Thanks to her multicultural background, she looks at the world from a greater perspective and it’s this breadth of perspective that allows her to perceive all contexts.

Zuzana is interested in ESG, with an emphasis on the environmental and social component. Diversity and inclusion are key for her not only within the company, but also in everyday life. When she doesn't think about these topics in a café, you meet her on a walk with Bonnie, her "Spaniard".

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  • Zuzana André Talán
Group Account Director, Ruby Team