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We Create Connected Brands

Oct. 24, 2019

The mission of VMLY&R is to create connected brands.

Cecile Lejeune, co-president and CEO of VMLY&R France, said: “The idea of connecting brands with the public is not about connecting “more,” but connecting “better.” The merger between VML and Y&R is a huge opportunity for us. Thanks to the force of our network, we will continue to build new unique offers that will enable the development the connected brands of tomorrow.”

The alchemy between VML’s highly technological DNA and Y&R’s brand culture gives birth to a new agency that boasts the following four offers:

  • Connected Quotient: a brand audit tool that measures and tracks the potential for connection of a brand. For that purpose, the agency draws on its historical tool for studying brands power, BrandAsset© Valuator, crossed with the Social BAV which reveals the brand power on social medias.
  • EVE – Data-Platform: the first Data Platform using AI able to integrate and connect together 3 data sources (Conversational Data, Behavioral Data and Brand Data). Developed in partnership with VMLY&R’s teams and the Data Strategy start-up, EVE identifies the connection points most likely to build powerful and connected brands.
  • Ideation House: it is the power of ideas that creates the brands growth. An agency spends about 70% of its time producing versus 30% designing. In an increasingly connected world, VMLY&R breaks down silos and resets its processes to reverse the trend and allow its teams to spend 70% of their time designing and 30% producing.
  • Connected LAB: a laboratory dedicated to the roles that brands can play on connected objects. Inspired by the R&D model of VMLY&R in the United States, the agency has developed a first POC (Proof of Concept) that has just been launched on the connected object of the moment : the Home Assistant (Alexa, OK Google, …). 
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