As VML doesn’t exist in France, the new agency relies on VML’s expertise at an international level – one of the world leaders in brands digital experiences – complementary to those of Y&R, always known for building strong brands. The mission of the new entity: create the connected brands of the future.

Cecile Lejeune, CEO of this new combination, says: “ The idea of connecting brands with the public is acquired. Now, it’s not about connecting “more”, but connecting “better”. The merger between VML and Y&R is for us a huge opportunity. Thanks to the strike force of our network, we managed to build and to consolidate in 4 months, new unique offers that will enable the development the connected brands of tomorrow.”

The alchemy between VML’s highly technological DNA and Y&R’s brand culture gives birth to a new agency that mainly relies on the following four offers:

o   Connected Quotient: a brand audit tool that measures and tracks the potential for connection of a brand. For that purpose, the agency draws on its historical tool for studying brands power, BrandAsset© Valuator, crossed with the Social BAV which reveals the brand power on social medias.

o   EVE – Data-Platform: the first Data Platform using AI able to integrate and connect together 3 data sources (Conversational Data, Behavioral Data and Brand Data). Developed in partnership with VMLY&R’s teams and the Data Strategy start-up, EVE identifies the connection points most likely to build powerful and connected brands.

o Ideation House: it is the power of ideas that creates the brands growth. An agency spends about 70% of its time producing versus 30% designing. In an increasingly connected world, VMLY&R breaks down silos and resets its processes to reverse the trend and allow its teams to spend 70% of their time designing and 30% producing.

o Connected LAB: a laboratory dedicated to the roles that brands can play on connected objects. Inspired by the R&D model of VMLY&R in the United States, the agency has developed a first POC (Proof of Concept) that has just been launched on the connected object of the moment : the Home Assistant (Alexa, OK Google, …).