50th Anniversary

  • BIC 50th Anniversary


In 2023, BIC, the world leader in disposable pocket lighters, celebrates its 50th anniversary. Half a century of development and innovation based on a simple conviction: "Always improve quality and safety.

In a period of strong sensitivity to environmental issues, a brand as powerful as BIC has a duty to imagine the future, for its users and for the planet.

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What is a better way to celebrate BIC's 50th birthday than to look to the future? Since 1973, BIC has never stopped imagining the best solutions to offer ever more efficient, sustainable and secure lighters.

So today, BIC must go even further. Because it's time to put a line through the past and change things profoundly.

For this celebration, BIC is launching a limited edition that reflects its commitments and announce its vision of the future.

A future who is already here, represented by the BIC Ecolutions Lighter, with -30% CO2 eliminated of offset*.

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Our campaign builds on BIC's heritage and values to communicate a positive message that looks to the future: 50 years of lighting the future

With the creation of a logo using the infinity sign and graphic codes inspired by the OptArt of the 70's (while inscribing them in an urban and contemporary visual universe) we announce BIC's commitments for the coming years.

This device is adapted to all communication supports (ATL & BTL) as well as on the limited series produced for this celebration.

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