Whether it’s with a chicken sandwich, a salad or an XXL Burger, Daunat is able to satisfy the hunger pangs of this new generation,

Yet, it hasn’t been easy for the brand to be noticed by GenZ ! It isn’t easy to gain cut through in a highly competitive market!

One way to connect: understand them and be invited into their lives.


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Activation 1.

An Uber for Daunat chauffeur service on offer to party goers on their way home, complete with a middle of the night snacking service including; salads, sandwiches and other snacks, complimentary of Daunat.


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To seduce Gen Z, nothing beats understanding their lifestyles! This is the bet we took with this new activation for their hangovers, post Thursday nights out!Nicknamed PLS (Pour Lendemain de Soirée = Hangover Kit), we sneaked in one of our new products; the XXL burger, into a well thought-through hangover kit  to cure their hangovers from hell.  

The Pitch? Last night was intense, the lack of sleep is harsh, it hurts to open your eyes, hunger strikes, but you don’t have the energy to make yourself something to eat or leave your bed… Thankfully, Daunat is here with its Hangover Kit containing everything you need the morning: an eco-glass, ear plugs, a beanie, a cushion and not forgetting the XXL Daunat Rösti Burger, the latest addition to Daunat’s product range.

The perfect pick me up to last night’s antics !


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