Filorga's unique selling point lies in its history and distinctive know-how. Having created the concept of ‘medi-cosmetics®’, born from the meeting of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, the brand can uphold what the competition is only claiming. This said, the anti-aging discourse is not enough to differentiate itself from the competition and performance in the market. However essential in such brands and product communications, it is not the catalyst making desired brands in today’s luxury cosmetics market. It was therefore necessary for us to reveal the emotional potential and give meaning to the ‘technological romance’ of the brand with Filorga is much more than performance, it is a brand that can control time.

This story coupled with the creation of a ‘tech-dream territory’ (the meeting of ‘dream like luxury with techno-cosmetics) has enabled Filorga to consolidate its status and desirability as a premium brand. A particularly effective emotional connection: from the launch of the campaign, Filorga’s brand awareness rose from 17% to 32%, Time Filler's sales grew by nearly 300%, and the brand went from n ° 9 to n ° 5 in pharmacies.