Volvic, a 50-year-old heritage brand was progressively losing its desirability, worth, and entry points in a fiercely competitive price-driven consumer market of spring waters.

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To make sense of the strength in the brand’s purpose, we awakened and revealed the ancestral force of its Volcano.

Like all good ideas, it seemed simple. But it wasn’t an obvious one.

Talking about strength, earth, dust, and fire, requires commitment and courage for a mineral water brand.

The Force of the Volcano has fundamentally and emotionally reconnected the brand with its audience. It has also inspired the renewal of its brand identity, reworked in collaboration with Landor.

Today, Volvic is much more than just mineral water, it reveals our inner strength.

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In 4 years, the brand has won over 400,000 homes across the French market and increased its sales by 24%.

A platform that has enabled the brand to reconnect in France, the UK and Germany.

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