With more than 130 million active users, Minecraft is not only the best-selling game of all time, it's also the largest social community of gamers in the world. To introduce its line of burgers to a generation that's hard to reach with traditional TV or print campaigns, Charal, France's iconic meat brand, went where they spend their time: on Minecraft, and asked them to do what they do best: build.

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The Buildboard Challenge: Players are invited to build their own virtual Charal burger billboard in Minecraft, to receive a real burger in return.

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Charal's virtual billboards flooded the networks.  The media relayed the operation and the most famous French players joined in, including Avpierre, who engaged his community of 2.3 million followers. 

The result?  More than 90,000 players, more than 270,000 invaluable hours for the brand spent by gamers on the operation interacting, playing and creating with Charal products and more than €2 million of media coverage.  The Minecraft community continued to build, creating the first in-game display media plan designed entirely by the players themselves.

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