Making Meetings Productive

A meeting

Nov. 12, 2019

Cécile Lejeune, co-president and CEO of VMLY&R Paris spoke with Madame Figaro magazine about how companies can avoid meeting fatigue — and more importantly, be more productive.

Cécile said: "I took over as president of the agency about a year ago. For three months, I watched how the business worked. In our business, we hold meetings on everything, for everything and often for nothing. So I put a new organization in place, based on four rules. The first is that a meeting is held with me only if a decision has to be made. Then they last 30 minutes, start and end on time. We set a goal at the beginning and we do not leave the meeting without being sure that it has been reached or that the next steps are clear. Finally, fewer people in meetings! When I arrived, they were 10 or 15, that is not possible. I imposed a limit of 5 people, each of whom has a role. I also do everything to avoid the whole day of meetings. I need moments for myself."

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