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The Home of Connected Brands

The Home Of Connected Brands

Welcome to the 
Home of Connected Brands

Situated on Level 3 of the WPP Sea Containers campus and covering over 300m², the Home of Connected Brands is a physical manifestation of our agency belief that connected brands are more powerful brands. With a continuous explosion of channels, spaces and places where brands can now show up, our space helps clients reimagine what it takes to build successful brands today through best-in-class brand, customer and creative commerce experiences.

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  • Exterior of Sea Containers building in London
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“It's fantastic and has given me food for thought on how we structure and build integrated marketing communications.”

— David Heaney, Head of Integrated Marketing Communications at Diageo


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Let's delve deeper!

The Home of Connected Brands is split into six different spaces —
each crafted to ignite the imagination of our people and client partners.

Picture of the social feeds on the walls of the Flagship

Engage with real-time feeds where people interact with each other and/or brands — where clients can tap into the power of influence and culture.

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Out of Home
A woman in front of the face tracking tech, she is happy

Emotion, gender, age determination data and anamorphic technology transform conversations into warm, personalized and relevant experiences.

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Magic Mirror and Delivery Robot

The next generation of interactive technology gamifies the quick-serve restaurant experience — a Magic Mirror augments food ordering while an AI delivery robot delivers with a smile.

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A woman is clicking on the vending machine's screen to start the game

A bit of fun breaks down new technology barriers for brands. An interactive touch-table, webAR, holograms, social vending, and metaverse experiences connect people with brands through cutting-edge innovation.

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2 girls sitting and watching an ad on the TV

From socially connected smart glasses to personalized cleaning and live shopping experiences, brands can reach people in their homes through devices from smart TVs to gaming consoles.

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The Flagship 2.0
HCB - The Flagship

A full 3D floor-to-ceiling sensory experience capable of recreating more than 150 physical and virtual retail environments where brands can prototype and test creative commerce ideas prior to production. 

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“It's such an impressive facility and honestly blew my mind away. The potential and value of the space is massive!”

— Ian Hepburn, Marketing Director for UK & Ireland at Evergreen Garden Care


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The Flagship 2.0 

Creating more brand opportunities than ever before

Leveraging our proprietary tools from our Connected Commerce platform and combining them with 1st and 3rd party data, The Flagship helps us interrogate client briefs, develop audience insights, map journeys and identify moments that matter to create work that has been tested for effectiveness across multiple touchpoints before activating. Expertly crafted, this space is designed to drive shopper engagement and conversion.

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The Flagship room used during a presentation
E2E Connected Brand Experiences
Employees sitting in the flagship with tweets projected on the walls, studying this research
Consumer, Shopper & Creative Research
Employees in the Flagship with a brief projected on the walls
Brief to Creative Hybrid Collaboration
Projection of a store on the Flagship walls
Store & Experience of the Future Ideation
Digital Retail Experiential
2 colleagues in the Flagship immersed in the Boots advert
Customer & Trade Sell-In
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This facility is incredible. My experience here has opened up so many opportunities and has prompted me to think about what more we can do.” 

— Helen Jeremiah, Vice President AND Marketing Director AT Boots


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Brand Spotlight: Joy For All

Hosting Boots for their 2022 Christmas Campaign Launch 

We had the pleasure of hosting Boots in the Home of Connected Brands for their Christmas Campaign launch. 

The spaces were optimised to fully integrate the campaign across all touchpoints for a connected experience. Our attendees were completely immersed in Christmas spirit during the screening in the Flagship 2.0.

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  • Boots Christmas campaign launch presentation in the Flagship
  • Boots logo and campaign on the screens in the home of connected brands
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