Bags of Joy


Considering Christmas 2020 was 'cancelled' in the UK due to the pandemic, the challenge for Christmas 2021 was immense. And Boots set out on a mission to win back lapsed shoppers, maximise value from their loyal customers, and deliver ambitious revenue targets while capturing the nation's hearts.

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We created a metaphor for Boots that permeated the entire Christmas season – the magical Boots' 'Bag of Joy' - bringing joy to every corner of life with the ability to tailor the whole Boots experience to people's personal needs. Our Bags of Joys gave Boots a distinctive role in people's lives in a relevant and engaging way to squeeze as much out of Christmas as possible.

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We delivered the most personalised and connected campaign to date, leading to an ROI of £4, increased YOY sales and the creative work beating their largest competitors with favourability at 86%.

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