In February, we launched a pub. A pub where you could not finish your pint, The Pint Block.

Pint Block comes out of the strategy that we have been building for years – a mate doesn't let a mate drink drive. Because in the UK, drink driving is still a major problem. On average 60 people aged 17-24 are involved in accidents each and every month of the year, where the driver was caught over the limit.

We wanted to deliver this message right at the point when drivers are thinking of having a pint. So at the pub, an immersive theatre group mingled with pub-goers bringing to life Pint Blocks, with a host of influencers and radio DJ’s in attendance to create a greater social buzz.

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  • Pint Block Illustration Selects

We also commissioned 60 unique Pint Block illustrations by young artists from across the country – one for each of the 60 young people killed or seriously injured each month - and exhibited them during the pub launch. 

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  • Pint Block Website 1
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There’s a wider media campaign to complement the activation; from short films on social to content going out on big drinking weekends, and the commissioned illustrations on beer mats in pubs and football clubs across the country. And made sure anyone can access the Pint Blocks and tag their mates wherever they are, through a simple site –

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