Ridiculously Good Value

Taking more than one million customers away on holiday every year, First Choice is an important part of the TUI family, with its own distinct brand personality. Its latest multi-million-pound campaign marks a new direction for the First Choice brand, as it moves away from being the home of all inclusive and offers customers more package holidays than ever before.  

The ‘Ridiculously good value’ TV ad's colourful and wildly, wacky imaginative creative treatment was created by VMLY&R and brought to life by multi award winning director, Djawid Hakimyar at Partizan who loves to bring stories to life in a humorous way. 

Highlighting low cost package holidays the ad opens with a couple and their son relaxing around the swimming pool during their family holiday in Turkey. It’s a glorious, peaceful day and everyone is enjoying themselves. The parents discuss their disbelief at the price of the holiday, stating it is ridiculous at only £299 per person. The ad then cuts to the young son who blows into a large conch shell which summons the ‘ridiculousness’ to begin.

Backed with a catchy soundtrack of ‘In the Jungle’ by Tight Fit, we see a host of eccentric characters around the pool area – including a soaking wet Tiki Bar Drummer who emerges up from beneath the water rocking out on his melon drum kit, Cleopatra is feeding a ventriloquist dummy, a flying merman shoots out of a cannon and two sumo wrestlers are having a pillow flight whilst mid-air. The ad ends with the voiceover ‘Ridiculous deals need ridiculous adverts.’

Katie McAlister, TUI UK and Ireland Chief Marketing Officer, commented: “The campaign creative does a fantastic job at championing loud and proud how ‘ridiculously’ good some of the deals will be and highlights the First Choice brand personality. We want people to have fun on their holidays and the humorous First Choice persona really shines through. The ad may seem weird and wacky but that is exactly what we wanted to deliver.”

The TV ad is part of a multi-million pound spend across TV, VOD, print, radio, digital and social.

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