The Road Whisperer

1 in 5 drivers crash in their first year behind the wheel. Young men are particularly vulnerable, not accepting their inexperience at times when they were exposed to tricky situations.

For this young, hard-to-read audience of young male drivers, the timeworn tactics of shock and horror wouldn’t change their attitudes and behaviour - but a campaign that offered humour, light-heartedness, and a voice on their level might.

We created the character The Road Whisperer to speak to new drivers. He appears in their time of need to serve up road wisdom for a range of dangerous driving scenarios. With his warm demeanor he encourages new drivers to accept their nervousness and heed his safety tips.

The campaign received over 12 million views in its first week, and after a month the Road Whisperer had firmly established himself as a cultural phenomenon. Most importantly, social media was flooded with new drivers admitting to their nervousness on the road.

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