The Usual Sorespects

  • Difflam Posters

In the height of cold and flu season in the UK, Difflam needed to drive brand awareness and product consideration for their throat and mouth spray.

As an OTC product, consumers often associate Difflam with more serious throat conditions, however the product helps provide relief to a wide range of common sore throat symptoms such as mild inflammation, painful throbbing, or a simple scratchy throat.

Enter the Usual Sorespects, our striking print and digital campaign which introduces three characters who help portray this message through the personification of classic sore throat symptoms.

Developed in partnership with Canadian illustrator Hudson Christie - known for his beautifully hand-crafted clay and paper 3D dioramas - a cat, a boxer and a piñata bring to life the scratchy, inflamed throat feeling you get when you have a cold.

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