About us

Inspire. Sale. Support. Optimize. Reward.

Hello, we are VMLY&R Group, a member of WPP, one of the leading data-driven creative agencies in Hungary.

Unique Combination of Leading WPP Brands

We provide a unique combination of the expertise of 3 leading global agency networks: all capabilities and the special knowledge base of VMLY&R, VMLY&R COMMERCE and Ogilvy agency brands are available for our clients at our office.

Data-driven Creativity

We are a brand and customer experience agency with a special emphasis on data-driven planning and precision marketing solutions with strong KPI focus. Data-driven approach is an essential part of our methodology which is driven by the higher-level business objectives of our clients.


Data-driven planning also enables us to pair exact KPIs with our clients’ communication needs at the beginning of the planning process. This way we can get conversions with outstanding and sustainable effectiveness.

Our brave, precise KPI definitions based on clients’ needs ensure excellent ROI and thus serve as the basis for successful communication in the long run.

In Hungary we are the only network agency which combines the superpower of traditional creative planning, traditional commerce with e-commerce as well as performance-driven digital, social and content creation.

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