• REAL HUSBANDS COOK - Creating an Indonesia of equals, through cooking.

With more than 70% of Indonesian women working, they expected the husband to share household responsibilities, especially cooking. Unfortunately, less than 3 in 10 men ever entered the kitchen to cook.

As a kitchen brand, Kecap ABC couldn’t remain a silent witness to this inequality. The brand had the influence to correct this imbalance in cooking and its 40-year old heritage gave it the credibility to do so.

At its core, ‘Creating an Indonesia of equals, through cooking,’ was an attempt at turning the husband-wife dynamic into a partnership of shared responsibilities in cooking. The implication – despite 96% of buying audience being Indonesian wives, media targeting was split equally between men and women.[1][2]

Unfortunately, less than 3 in 10 men ever entered the kitchen to cook.

Secondly, Indonesia being an extremely collectivist culture, unlike the West, individual action is often limited unless it feels a part of the larger group or a movement.[3] What this meant was the campaign required sustained investment and a feeling of swell. This understanding is what helped in shaping the campaign.

Thirdly, no inequality can be corrected without action. Hence our campaigns need to be rooted in brand acts that showcased real men cooking in real life. True acts, not ads.

The campaign was an effort to restore gender equality, through shared cooking. It was an attempt to make cooking and helping the wife at home, a sign of manliness. Real Husbands Cook was deployed using a series of national scale large ATL campaigns, never shying away from the investment or the responsibility the brand had taken up.

Brand Differentiation achieved first time in 3 years. Unprecedented Brand Power increase - from 51% - 57% in one quarter Competitor Brand Power down by 5% in one quarter.