As the MD, Growth for the VMLY&R network in India, Ramya focuses on harnessing the collective power of the network. She works across VMLY&R, VYC, Glitch and GTB to bring together the best combination of talent and services for our clients. Her role includes business development, service and solution integration, opportunity mapping and sustainable growth strategy for the network.

Ramya started her career in PR with MSL India and found her home at the Glitch as an Account Manager soon after. In her nine years at the Glitch, she has been a core member of the team building the Glitch. She prides herself on being adaptable, joining as an account manager, and setting up the planning team and, now, the growth team for Glitch and the network.

At the Glitch, she has worked on almost every brand on the roster giving her comprehensive experience across categories and brands- both global and local jewels. Her hunger to learn and read has played a role in developing her skills as a digital expert, strategist, deck maker, storyteller and connector. She drives teams to push boundaries of what's possible in creative and deliver creative delight.

She has played a crucial role in developing the narrative for the Glitch and is the unsaid hoarder of all work across not just the Glitch but the whole network. She has crafted several pitches for the Glitch and led both local and global pitches as both the pitch-maker and the strategist.

Her interest in uncovering how brands can contribute to society pushed her to pursue a professional master's in social innovation and management. She is a champion of diversity, equality and inclusion, taking on the role of change and partnerships lead with WPP Unite.

Her love for watching and playing sports reflects her values and her leadership of teams. She loves nature and has a passion for learning about wildlife and ecosystems. Putting both of those makes her travel wishlist endless- from wanting to be at Roland Garros to visiting the national parks in Botswana.

Ramya's love for learning and evolving has put her on the path to bringing the same mentality to the VMLY&R India network, unlocking the next chapter of growth.

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  • Ramya Nagesh
Managing Director - Growth, VMLY&R India