As the Chief Strategy Officer, Shashank leads the Strategic Planning practice across the VMLY&R group. Besides a decade and a half of agency experience with McCann, Ogilvy and Dentsu, he has also worked in manufacturing, sourcing, sales and marketing across automobiles, pharmaceuticals, durables, and education sectors.

In a world of over-exposure, over-stimulation, over-information and over-analysis, he brings expertise in specific focus areas such as defining the real problems for brands and businesses, mining demand-generating insights and identifying fresh and enduring operating territories for brands to thrive in.

What helps him do this often is his child-like curiosity, and his desire for simplicity. He prioritises clarity of thought over all else, and believes that conviction in any strategy begins with curiosity and an uncompromising thirst for clarity.

His primary area of interest is human behaviour which he effectively channelises to provide strategic support to both clients and creative partners.

Shashank lives in a quintessential big joint family in Mumbai, he is a hassled parent to 2 nephews and 4 cats, he can speak endlessly on Hindi poetry, and has an enviable ‘joke’ memory.

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  • Shashank Lanjekar
Chief Strategy Officer, VMLY&R India