A taboo restaurant that debunked an age-old prejudice.

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In Gujarat, menstruating women are called Adelis.

Following age-old customs, Adelis are not allowed to cook during their periods, which results in them losing more than 20% of their income.

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Unipads launched the most taboo restaurant ever — where Adelis cooked for politicians, restaurant owners and influencers. The project effectively debunked a myth and changed both mindsets and policies.

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With the Adeli movement, more than 1,400 businesses were transformed.

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Cannes Lions
  • Silver Lion - Health & Wellness
  • Bronze Lion - Glass: The Lion For Change
  • Five shortlists, including:
    • Brand Experience & Activation — Social Behaviour
    • PR - Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility
    • PR - Social Behaviour
    • PR - Use of Events & Stunts
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